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14 Day Spring Release

Did the last "diet" you were on focus on MINDSET, SLEEP or HORMONES or did it just have you counting points or weighing your food? Did it address the things in your environment that either hurt or help you when it comes to accomplishing your goals?

My approach is wholistic (spelling intentional) because I believe that success, when it comes to our health, weight or body-size goals, must take into account the whole person and not just the number on a scale. What good is an eating plan if we still have aches and pains that could be addressed by the food we eat (or don't eat)?

If you already know that you want a healthier body and relationship with food, then check out the comment below about how to get in on the 14 Day Spring Release which starts on April 15th. If you still aren't sure if this is for you, then be sure to check back here to learn how proper Food, Hormones, Mindset/Emotions, Environment and Sleep/Movement set you up for permanent success and can change your body and health forever!

Later Event: April 17
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